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KonMari Clean - From Cluttered to Calm the Marie Kondo Way with Erin Mursch

  • Her.HQ 750 North St. Paul Street Dallas United States (map)
KonMari Clean - From Cluttered to Calm the Marie Kondo Way with Erin Mursch

Join Her.HQ + KonMari Consultant and Founder of Organized for Good Erin Mursch for a spring cleaning event! Erin will share the secrets to tidying up and transforming a cluttered space into a spacious sanctuary.

By letting go of physical clutter that's no longer serving us, we process unhealthy attachments to the past, tune into what brings us joy, get to know ourselves more intimately, and anchor more deeply into the present moment.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • shift your mindset to get and stay organized for good

  • free yourself from the piles and stacks of clutter nagging at you

  • curate your possessions to surround yourself with only things you love

  • create a ritual for yourself every time you get home

  • fold and store your clothing the most efficient way, just like Marie Kondo!

  • take care of your belongings so they spark joy well into the future

 Workshop includes:

  • brunch bites and mimosas

  • a gift to aid in your spring cleaning

About Erin Mursch 

Austin-based Certified KonMari™ Consultant Erin Mursch guides her clients as they transform their chaos into calm, both in their physical space and in their minds. Following Marie Kondo's approach to cutting the clutter and focusing on what sparks joy, Erin loves connecting with women and giving them permission to let go of whatever is holding them back from a joyful life. Her love of travel, yoga, and background in education and cultural studies give her a broad view that places compassion, rather than judgment, at the forefront of her practice with clients. 

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