Let's Talk Money

Let's Talk Money


Join Her.HQ for a financial workshop on Wednesday, April 25th to talk $$$. This 90-minute workshop will be led by CFBS and Certified Financial Planner Kristin O’Neal and Melissa Marks, mindfulness coach and licensed professional counselor. 

In this workshop, we’ll learn:

  • How to plan and create our ideal life

  • How to set short, mid, and long-term financial goals

  • Ways to be more mindful with our money

  • The effects of manifesting our careers and financial success

About Kristin O’Neal: In her work as a Financial Planner working with business owners, Kristin noticed a few problems that her regular financial planning process couldn’t solve: her clients were busy entrepreneurial women who had worked hard to get to the top but when they got there, they were alone and didn’t have the relationships or the life they wanted. In addition, her clients often didn’t know who to turn to for help diagnosing problems in their business and were challenged to find great partners in the industries they needed to support them.

 Kristin helps clients get clear on what their ideal life looks like and helps them build out the steps to accomplish it. Her planning process focuses on helping women in service-based businesses. 

Kristin splits her time between Dallas, TX and San Diego, CA. Originally from Southern California, and a graduate of San Diego State University (SDSU), Kristin spends her free time cooking new recipes, practicing yoga and entertaining her Goldendoodle puppy, Charlie.

About Melissa Marks: Melissa Marks is the Chief Mindfulness Officer of Your Mindful Edge.  She coaches High Performers and Type A Personalities to become even better at reaching their goals.  She teaches Meditation and Mindfulness to business professionals, entrepreneurs and athletes--helping her clients get their edge through mental focusing and relaxation techniques. 

She is a Mindfulness Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Art Therapist, Certified Meditation Teacher and Certified Yoga Instructor.

Melissa started her Mindfulness practice 21 years ago as a 24-year-old burned-out Real Estate agent in New York City. She has been teaching Mindfulness since 2005 and has worked with and presented to thousands of people--from CEOs to trauma survivors to professional athletes.  She is also a frequent presenter at many executive meetings and conferences. 

Her hobbies include spending time outdoors, cooking, yoga, art, and hanging out with friends and family. You can learn more about her at YourMindfulEdge.Com.

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