New Moon Mornings

New Moon Mornings


Join Her.HQ for New Moon Mornings – a monthly series to mark intentions, new beginnings and lay the groundwork for future manifestations. This will be a comfortable, joyful experience. Come as you are, and let’s clear the energy. Fresh starts are favored by the new moon. 

You’ll want to bring a journal or a daily notebook to write in. Coffee, breakfast and a crystal keepsake are included.

About the New Moon in Taurus:  With this new moon, you may feel like settling down into a comfy chair with a cup of tea and sticking to the same old routine. But trust us—you don’t. New moons are opportunities to move forward – Uranus is in Taurus right now giving us an extra boost, and Venus (which rules the lunation) is in Aries, making us extra eager to affect change in our lives. What this really means is that we need to make changes and opt for pushing forward in this phase, but at Taurus’ slow and steady pace. This new moon experience will help us tune into Taurus’ sense of patience and eliminate any anxieties about upcoming events.

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